Holiday Food and Craft Labels

When it comes to the holidays general generosity is the standard mode. You’re all set to start giving gifts at the drop of a hat, and with that being the case you’re probably wondering what are some good gifts to get that are cost effective but still maintain that personalized touch.

Here are 6 tasty treat ideas that are cheap, easy to put together, and will help you celebrate the holidays in style.

1)      Mother’s Day: Surprise your mother with a special jar of healthy granola mix, trail mix, or homemade blueberry oatmeal mix. Your mother will love a gift with such a personal touch, and she’ll no doubt be impressed by the customized label you adorn the jar with too.

2)      Christmas Cocoa: Whether you’re giving it to people as they walk in to your Christmas party from out of the cold, or you’re helping your little ones warm up on Christmas eve as they patiently wait for Santa to arrive, a gift mug of hot cocoa mix and other assorted winter candy can be a great gift. Adorn it with a special Christmas label or hang tag and it will look all the more appealing.

3)      Fourth of July Pie: Nothing beats good old fashioned American Apple Pie on Independence Day. Whether you’re on your way to a fireworks party with dessert, or you’re participating in the annual Independence Day bake sale, your pies and other goodies will stand out instantly when you decorate it with a custom patriotic hang tag.

4)      Valentine’s Day: Surprise your significant other with their very own lollipop candy box complete with a personalized label to show them how much you really care. Unlike the traditional flowers of chocolates, these lovely lollipops are unique in that you can decorate them with a customized label featuring a photograph of you sweetheart, or a special saying you’d like your sweetheart to read.

5)      Easter Chocolate Bunny: Chocolate rabbits make great Easter gifts for kids and are surprisingly simple to make. You simply purchase a dimensional bunny mold from your local craft store; melt confectionery chocolate (using a microwave and heating the chocolate in short 30-second bursts) and pour the chocolate into the mold. After it has been placed in the refrigerator for several minutes, it can be removed. You can add details like the eyes, nose and whiskers afterward with frosting and you can add a personalized touch by placing it in a customized gift box complete with a custom Easter label.

6)      Father’s Day Cookies: Your dad will absolutely love it if you make him homemade cookies, particularly if they’re made in the theme of his favorite sport (like little footballs or goofballs). He’ll appreciate it even more so if you present your scrumptious baked goods to him in a cookie box featuring a personalized food and craft label with his photograph on it.



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