Your Heart To Their Lips : Top 10 Picks for fabulous edible favors for your wedding or bridal shower

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect wedding favor! Here are our Top 10 Picks for fabulous edible favors for your wedding or bridal shower.

Choosing the right wedding favor can be a challenge. There a so many choices, it can make your head spin! From placecard holders to pampering items, there seems to be a gift for every occasion and theme. But how do you know which ones your guests will truly enjoy? Choose a gift with good taste! Food gifts remain the most popular gift choice for wedding favors. Take a look at these mouth-watering wedding favors that top our list!

Anything chocolate is #1 with brides and guests alike. Traditional favorites include personalized chocolate bars and squares, but the latest trends also rank themed chocolates (shaped like wedding bells, starfish, cakes, etc.) and even chocolate puzzles high on the list.

Shaped Cookies
The possibilities are endless with these delicious shortbread cookies. Available in a variety of themes, including hearts, cakes, bells and bride-and-groom, these sweet treats can accommodate most wedding themes, from beach to golf.

Whether in tins, rolls, pillow packs or “matchbooks,” refreshing mints are always a popular choice. They’re kosher and usually don’t tempt anyone to break their diet. Personalizing them with wedding information makes them a favor to savor.

Coffee & Tea
Beverages are among the top 10 because they’re affordable, practical and lend themselves easily to a variety of themes. Not only popular fall-themed favors, coffee and tea are delightful any time of the year for the couple that’s a perfect blend.

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